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Full text of "Commencement One Hundred and Forty-Seventh Year [2010]"

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La Salle University 



C M M E N C 1 \l 1 N 1 

rwo I H i > l SAND I I \ 

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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

u ofn/m /u ■( ///< /// &C& 
Sunday, Maj I6,2tl6 

William R. Sautter. Chairman, La Salle University Board of Trustees, Presiding 

PROCESSIONAL (Pomp and Circumstance)* EDWARD ELGAR 

INVOCATION* Rachel Lynne Stemper 



\ u t President for Student Affairs and Dean oj Students 

A GRADUATE SPEAKS Hannah Constance Dal/ 

CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES Brother Michael J. McGinniss. P.S.C., Ph.D. 

Presidt nt 


(The Christian R and Man. h l.mdback Award is presented for Distinguished Teaching} 



Doctor oj Psychology in Cluneal Psychology 
Thomas A Keagy, Ph.D. 

Dean. School ot Arts and Sciences 

Master oj St lent e in Nursing 

Master oj Sciem <■ in Speet h-Language Pathology 
Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD, R N . I \ \ N 
Dean. School oi Nursing and Health Sciences 

Mastei at Business Administration 

Paul R Brazina, MB\.( i'\ im \ 

Dean, School oi Business 

Mastei i>t St ient e m c 'omputer Information s> n nt < 
Master of St iem <• in Information Tet hnology Leadership 

Master ofArtS in Pwft ssnmal Cornrnunn alien 

Master nt Arts in ( enlral ami Eastt rn I uropeon Studies 

Mastei oj Arts m ( 'Unit al Psyt hology 

\rts in ( linn al ( 'ounseling l's\t hology 

Mastei "t \rts m Edm ation 

Master ol \rls in BUingUal/BL ulluial Studies 

■ \ns m Theology and Ministry 
Mastei •<< \>ts in History 
\rts in II sol 
i nomas \ Keagy, Ph D 
Dean, School oi \it~- and Sciences 

Mastei ••! S. i, nt • in Inslim lional lei hnology Manavt nn 

Joseph^ i graa, PhD 

Dean. College oi Profeaaional and< ontinuing Studies 

Undergradi mi 

Bachelor oj Sciem e in Nursing 

Bachelor oj St iem e m Nutrition 
Bachelor oj St iem < 

Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD., R.N., I- A.A.N. 
Dean. School ol Nursing and Health Sciences 

Bachelor oj s t iem t in Business Administration 
Paul R Brazina, MB \ ,< " P \ ,( M \ 
Dean, School of Business 

Haiheloi ol Soi ml Work 
Bat helor oj S, i, ;/. , 

Bat heloi oj irts 

I nomas \ Keagy, Ph D 

Dean, School ol Arts and Sciences 

Bacheloi of Arts 
Joseph Y Ugras, PhD 
Dean, ( allege oi Professional 
and I ontinuing Studies 

pi Arts 

AssOi tali ii 

I homas \ Keag) Ph i» 

Dean, S< hool oi Arts and S< ience 

luill lUlt III \llS 

Joseph Y i p..s. eh i) 
Dean, College ol Profeaaional 
and ( ontinuing studies 

•The audience is requested to stand during the Academit Procession Invocation National tnihem md< lo I rnuuninptac 

urn 1 1 iin- \> edemh Procession hai left ii><- Held v final action i annoi be taken prior to the prim 
tentative, the i nlversit) reeervini the right l ike iny change required 

Conferring of Degrees in Course Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D. 


Alumni Induction Margaret A. Kane 

Alumni Association President 

REMARKS Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D. 



Alma Mater Daniel J. Rodden 

Recessional (Trumpet Voluntary) John Stanley 

Musicians: Crosstown Brass Quintet Vocalists: Nicholas R. Keene, Alyssa Christine O'Bomsawin. 
Melissa Nicole Pompeo, accompanied by the 
De La Salle Chapel Choir 

. Vatconav . {/////<■/// 
The Star Spangled Banner 

Oh, say, can you see. 

By the dawn's early light 

What so proudly we hailed 

At the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars. 

Thro' the perilous fight 

O'er the ramparts we watched. 

Were so gallantly streaming. 

And the rockets' red glare. 

The bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof through the night 

That our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that star-spangled 

Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 

And the home of the brave? 

— Francis Scott Key 

. {//?ta jffater 
Glory La Salle 

Above Explorers valiant, 
Here under thine eyes. 
Thy blue and gold banners 
Unfurl 'neath the skies! 


La Salle, La Salle, thy glory, 
Thy triumphs we praise! 
Thy name in song forever 
Shall we proudly raise! 

Thy sons and daughters standing 
Await thy command. 
Thou fortress of faith 
In our God and our land! 


La Salle, La Salle, thy glory. 
Thy triumphs we praise! 
Thy name in song forever 
Shall we proudly raise! 

— Daniel J. Rodden 

*The audience is requested to stand during the Academic Procession. Invocation. National Anthem, and Closing Prayer, and to remain in place 
until the Academic Procession has left the field. As final action cannot be taken prior to the printing of this program, the list of candidates is 
tentative, the University reserving the right to make any changes required. 

James J. Lynch, '71 

Doctor qj Human? letters 

William R Sautter. (FA. '71 
Chairman, La Salle University Board oj 

James J Lynch, '71. is a tounding partner of Patriot Financial Partners and the immediate past Chairman of La Salle University's Board 
of Trustees. He has been a v Hal contributor to the banking mdustr, for nearlv 40 vears. as well as an active and dedicated leader in several 
professional, civic, and charitable organizations. 

Lynch began his banking career as a part-time emplovee at First Pennsylvania Bank in l9oN. while he was a student at l.a Salle He earned 
a bachelor's degree in marketing from l.a Salle in 1971 and has completed graduate courses in finance at Drexel I niversitv 

Prior to joining Patriot Financial Partners, a private equity investment tund focusing on investments in commumtv banking, l.vnch served 
as Vice Chairman of Sovereign Bancorp: Chairman and Chid Executive Office! ot Sovereign Bank Mid Atlantis Division. President 
and Chiel Executive Officer Ol Fleet Bank in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersev. Chairman and Chief Fvecutive Officer of Summit 
Bank in Pennsylvania; Senior Executive Vice President at Summit Bancorp. Chairman. President, and Chid Executive Officer ot Prime 
Bancorp and Prime Bank. Executive Vice President ol Midlantic Bank; and President and Vice Chairman ol Continental Bank 

He has been named Bankei ot the Yen hv the Philadelphia chaptei ol the Risk Management Association tor his contributions to the 

commercial lending profession 

Lynch has also received numerOU! aw aids and accolades toi his service to his commumtv and to his high schiu>l and college alma 

maters A longtime member ot I a Salle'i Board ot Trustees and Chairman ot the Board from 2(kk>io 2(kis. 1 yncfa was awarded the Alumni 
Association'! John j Finley, 24. Award, tor ins dedication to I a Salle, and the University's Leadership Award, tor his contributions to 

his profession and his COmmunit) He has also been inducted into the halls ol lame lor I ather Judge High School and the ArchJ 

Philadelphia < latholu Youth < Organization 

tmona, othei honors, I ynch has received the Richard J Caron Vward ol I ncelleoce from the Caron I oundation, the Boys and Girls 

( luh ol Philadelphia [budting a I ite Award, and the Philadelphia I agfel I I > toi I eukemia I iletnne Achievement Award 

He is active in several professional and eivit organizations, including Hol> Redeemei Health svsu-m. the l nited Wnj 

Pennsv Kama. I he Reinvestment Fund, ihe Special Olympics Ol Pennsylvania, and I a Salle Vadcmv. a pi iv ate elemental v s.h.s 

economical!) disadvantaged children in Philadelphia 
I ynch hves ,n Lafayette Hill. Pa . with ins wife, Kathleen 


Sarah Rachel Anghelone 

B.A., University of Delaware, 2000, Psychology 

M.A., Boston University; 2001. Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University. 2007. Clinical Psychology 

Sarah Anghelone is currently completing her clinical internship at MercyFirst. She provides evidenced based treatment to adolescent females 
in the foster care system. Sarah's clinical dissertation was chaired by Dr. Randy Fingerhut, and is entitled "Experiential Avoidance as a 
Predictor of Postpartum Depression and Bonding Difficulties." She has presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 
and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Conventions. Sarah is looking forward to continuing her work with adolescents 
in residential or group home settings. She also intends to focus on adolescent gang related activity as well as involvement in the foster 
care system. Sarah also hopes to become involved in foster care advocacy. 

Rachel M. Daltry 

6. 5., St. Joseph's University, 2004. Psychology 

M.S.. St. Joseph's University, 2005, Experimental Psychology 

M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Rachel Daltry is currently completing her clinical internship at the University of Delaware's Center for Counseling and Student Development. 
There she provides both individual and group therapy to undergraduate and graduate students. She also provides outreach and consultation 
on suicide prevention to the university community, including students, staff, and faculty as part of a university grant. Rachel's clinical 
dissertation entitled "The Impact of Gender Role Conflict on the Quality of Life in Female Athletes" was chaired by Dr. Frank Gardner 
and successfully defended on April 1, 2009. Rachel is currently preparing the paper for publication. Rachel's research and clinical interests 
include working with student-athletes regarding performance enhancement as well as mental health issues. 

Michael Paul Ferenschak 

B.A.. La Salle University, 2004. Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University. 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Mike Ferenschak is completing his predoctoral internship at the Bay Pines VA Health Care System in Bay Pines, Florida. At Bay Pines, 
he is providing evidence-based treatments to veterans suffering from a variety of psychological disorders. Mike has a special interest in 
anxiety disorders, particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While at Bay Pines, he has treated PTSD on rotations dedicated to 
combat-related trauma and military sexual trauma. His earlier practicum experiences at Camden County Health Services Center and the 
University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety under Dr. Edna Foa helped encourage his interest in PTSD. 
Mike's dissertation, chaired by Dr. Frank Gardner, and entitled "An Acceptance Versus Self-Talk Rationale on Weightlifting Performance," 
reflects his other interests in acceptance-based therapies and sport psychology. Mike has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the VA 
Maryland Health Care System, where he will work with returning veterans with PTSD. He plans to continue to work in the VA system 
following his fellowship. 


Sarah Johanna Fink 

B.A., Bucknell University, 2005, Psychology/Spanish 
M.A., La Salle University 2<HJ7. Clinical Psychology 

Sarah Fink is currentl) completing her clinical internship at the VA New York Harbor Healthcare Sv stem - Manhattan Campus There she 
provides evidence-based treatments to veterans with a wide range ol psychological disorders Throughout her graduate training. Sarah 
has developed a specialized interest in treating patients with co-morbid psychological and medical difficulties Her interest in health 
psychology lead to the development ot her dissertation, chaired b\ I)r Erin O'Hca. m which she examined experiential avoidance as a 
moderator of the relationship between breast cancer anxietv and mammographv rates. This past December, she successfully defended her 
dissertation and is currenti} preparing her manuscript lor publication. In the future. Sarah hopes to develop a combined academic and 
clinical career in health psychology 

Killv \iiih I uran 

// \ Lafayette College, 2005, Psychology 

\l \ . Ui Salic l University, 2007, Clinit al Psyt h»l<>^ 

Kelly is CUnentl) completing bet A R\ accredited clinical internship 111 health psychology at Vale University Schc*>l ol Medicine \t Yafe, 
she has been altorded the opportunity to provide empirical I v supported behavioral medicine interventions in patients v oping with chronk 
illnesses She has gained specialized clinical experience, providing Hchav loral and Cognitive Behavioral interventions and support to 
patients within the l.ivcr 'Iransplanl Clinic. Ncuiolngv Service, and the Oncologv Service kcllv's research interests include the P Sy cfaosopCtl 

sequela that accompany a patient's diagnosis of a chronk illness, specifically cancel Kelly's dissertation, chaired b) l>i In: i 
entitled "Posttraumatic stress symptoms in children ol mothers diagnosed with breast cancer" was successfully defended in November 

and is being prepared lor submission fot publication During hei graduate caieer. Kellv has CO authored three |vei reviewed publications 
and has presented at numerous psychological conferences She has accepted an \I'A accredited post-doc to ral fellowship al the \Scsl Haven 

\ \\l< in Weal Haven < I where she will continue to develop clinical and research expertise in health psychology 

DafU Mtimn I ( until 

H \ Rutgers I niversity :<*«. Psychology 
\l \ La Salle I niversuy, :<**>. Clinical Psychology 

David M < iomez completed bis clinical internship al the I ederal Correctional Complex in Burner, North Carolina \a forensic and 
psychology He provided assessment, consultation, and treatment t" ■ population i ncar cer at ed by the I ederal government N 
he vamed specialized training m court ordered forensk assessments David lias presented at several national psychology 
Hist linical Dissertation, chaired by Di Kelly nu< lure is entitled " I he Development and initial Valkhstkwof aVIfneti 


Amy Elizabeth Gooding 

B.A., La Salle University 2005, Psychology 
M.A.. La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Amy Gooding is currently completing her clinical internship at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment. She provides individual 
and group therapy to adults with a variety of mental health difficulties including trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and 
chronic pain. She also works with children with behavioral problems. While at La Salle. Amy received specialized training in working 
w ith athletes. Amy's doctoral dissertation, chaired by Dr. Frank Gardner and entitled "Predicting Free Throw Success: An 
Investigational Study into the Factors Contributing to Performance" examined the role of anxiety, consistency of the basketball pre shot 
routine and mindfulness on game and practice performance. She successfully defended her dissertation in 2009. Her dissertation 
results were presented at the annual conference of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and were published in the Journal of 
Clinical Sport Psychology in December of 2009. Upon completion of her internship, she will begin her post doctoral fellowship at the 
Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore. MD. 

Jacqueline Marie Halpern 

B.A., Alfred University, 2004, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Jacqueline Halpern is currently completing her clinical internship at the Syracuse VA Medical Center. There she provides empirically 
supported treatments to Veterans struggling with a variety of psychological disorders. During her time at the VA, she has gained 
specialized training in treating individuals dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Jackie's research interests 
include empirically supported treatments for anxiety disorders and exploring anger disorders and emotion regulation. Jackie's clinical 
dissertation, chaired by Dr. Frank Gardner, entitled "Anger Experience and Expression as Predictors of Emotion Regulation Style" was 
successfully defended in December 2008 and is being prepared for submission for publication. Jackie has presented her research at 
numerous psychological conferences and hopes to continue to be active in research in the future. 

Alexandra Leigh Marks 

B.A., University of Richmond, 2005, Criminal Justice/Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Alexandra Marks is currently completing her clinical internship with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. She provides short and 
long-term individual treatment to incarcerated men and women with a wide range of mental illness. She also leads psychoeducational 
groups and provides group sex offender therapy. She recently began a specialized assessment rotation at a correctional treatment 
center. Alexandra's clinical dissertation, chaired by Dr. Frank Gardner, is entitled "Comparing Emotion Regulation Styles in 
Adolescent Sex Offenders and Their Parents: A Pilot Study." Alexandra plans to continue working in corrections after completion of 
her internship. 


Kimberly Lev erne Napier 

BA . University of Chicago, 19W. Psychology 

M.A.. La Salle University, 2005. Clinical Psychology 

Kimberl) Napier has completed her clinical fellowship at St. Luke's-Rooseveli Hospital Center. There she provided psychological 
treatment to a diverse population of children, adolescents and their families Al Si Luke's-Roosevelt. Kimberlv yarned specialized 
skills in dyadic therapy for at-risk mothers and infants. In addition. Kimberly functioned as a team leader lor a school based mental 
health clinic where she engaged in extensive program development and prov ided consultation and education to school statt Kimberly 
completed her predoctoral internship at the I niversity of Medicine and Dentistry where she delivered empirically supported and 
culturally competent interventions to children and families with complex menial health and psvchost>cial issues, conducted 
comprehensive psychological assessments and acted as a consultant within urban public schools to identify children exposed to 
violence, substance abuse or trauma It was during her predoctoral internship that Kimberly received specialized training in forensic 
psychology at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility Kimberly \ clinical dissertation, chaired by Dr. Susan Pamchelli-Mindel. is 
entitled "Parental Awareness of and Attitude about Relational Aggression within an I rhan African American School Setting" 
Kimberly has presented at national psychology conferences related to her dissertation topic and is excited to continue her career in 
child psychology and school based mental health 

Casey I h/..l.i th Pabian 

US ( nion College, 2004, Psychology 
\1 I La Salle I niversity, 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Case] Pabian is currently completing her clinical internship al the Greater Hartford Clinical Psycholog) Consortium, a C 
between the Connecticut Veterans Association, the UCONN Health Center, and Community Mental Health Xttiliales. Inc in the 
Hartford, < OnnectiCUl area I here she has worked with veterans from man) theatres, adolescent hoys al an elite boarding school, and 
women diverted to menial health treatment through a jail diversion trauma program She has specifically enjoyed working wuh trauma 
issues across these man) groups oi clients During (his lime. Case) has continued to pursue her interest m mindfulness and acceptance 
based treatments and has designed group interventions lo address anger trom a iilindtulncss'acceptance based approach ( 
research Interests include examining aspects ol mindlulness practice, as well as ihe role o! emotion regulation in various tonus o! 

aggression, tpecificall) domestic violence <■ .ih-\ 's cluneal dissertation, chaired b> Di Prank Gardner, entitled "I nder sia n dU M] 
Domestic Violence \ngei and Emotion Regulation m Batterers'' was successful!) defended in March and is being ptc pa ted hi 

submission lor publication Casey will continue her clinical and research career as a postdoctoral follow al the I imcrsily ot 

Massachusetts Medical Centa 


Anna Meredith Rehwinkel 

B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 2005, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2007. Clinical Psychology 

Anna M. Rehwinkel is currently completing her predoctoral clinical internship at The North Dakota Department of Human Services- 
Southeast Human Service Center in Fargo. North Dakota. There she conducts parental competency evaluations for social services; 
provides psychological services to homeless individuals with co-occurring severe mental illness and chemical dependence diagnoses; 
performs juvenile sex offender psycho-sexual evaluations for the courts; completes violence and criminal risk assessments for the state 
department of corrections; and, participates in psychiatry grand rounds through MeritCare Hospital/UND School of Medicine. Anna's 
research interests include, but are not limited to: psychosocial and behavioral interventions for individuals with chronic medical 
conditions, health disparities, patient-physician communication, anger/impulse control disorders, and chemical abuse/dependence. 
Anna's clinical dissertation, chaired by Erin L. O'Hea, Ph.D., entitled "Post-chemotherapy Cognitive Functioning in Women With 
Breast Cancer" was successfully defended on April 9, 2010. Anna has presented her research to staff at UMDNJ -Camden. UMDNJ- 
Piscataway, and has submitted poster presentations and papers to for several upcoming conferences. Anna was previously awarded the 
position of Chief Extern at the La Salle Community Center for Psychological Services. 

Melisa Louise Schneider 

B.A., University of Delaware, 2005, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Melisa Schneider is currently completing her clinical internship at the Miami Veteran Affairs Healthcare System. There she provides 
empirically supported treatments to veterans with a range of psychological and medical disorders. During her time at the Miami VA. 
she has gained specialized training in geropsychology including palliative care and nursing home consultation. Additionally, she has 
received training in health psychology and the treatment of substance use disorders. Melisa's research interests include understanding 
quality of life when coping with medical conditions such as chronic pain. Her clinical dissertation, chaired by Dr. Erin O'Hea, entitled 
"The Influence of Pain Acceptance on the Relationship between Pain Level and Quality of Life among Older Adults with Chronic 
Pain" was successfully defended in March. She has presented her research at psychological conferences. Melisa will continue her 
clinical career by specializing in primary care and mental health integration as a postdoctoral fellow at the Salem Veteran Affairs 
Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. 

Haley Kathryn Solodky 

B.A., Villanova University, 2005, Psychology/Sociology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2007, Clinical Psychology 

Haley Solodky is currently completing her clinical internship at Pacific University's Psychological Service Center. There she provides 
a variety of treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to individuals diagnosed with 
mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders. In addition, Haley provides individual and group treatment to inmates at Oregon's 
Department of Corrections women's correctional facility. She finds this work particularly interesting as it has allowed her to 
experience a wider range and intensity of psychopathology as well as cultivate a greater sense of compassion and empathy. Haley also 
has had the opportunity to provide consultation and supervision to student clinicians in the Psy.D. program at Pacific University which 
she has found to be rewarding experience. Haley's research interests include topics of substance abuse and mechanisms of change. 
Her clinical dissertation, chaired by Erin O'Hea, Ph.D., "Predicting University Students' Intention to Change Drinking Behavior: A 
Consideration of Negative Consequences and the Role of Social Factors" was defended in March. 


Mary Elizabeth Vaughn 

B.A., University of Delaware. 2003, Psychology 

M.Ed.. Wilmington University, 2005. Elementary & Secondary School Counseling 

M.A., 1m Salle University. 2007. Clinical Psychology 

Mary Vaughn is currently completing her clinical internship at Terry Children's Psychiatric Center in New Castle. Delaware There she 
pros ides empirical!) supported treatments to children with a \anet> ot emotional and behavior disorders and their families During her 
time at Terry's. Mars has gained specialized training in Parent-Child Interaction Training (PCITi tor children and families 
experiencing seven behavioral and relationship difficulties as well as in Trauma- housed Cognitive Behavioral Therjp> <n c'B I fin 
children and adolescents who ha\e suffered trauma Mars s clinical dissertation is entitled "Predictors ol Treatment Attendance in 
Clients Presenting with Anger-Related Difficulties." and was chaired bs Dr Trank Gardner Mars plans on continuing her work with 
children and families for her post doctoral sear at a pnsate practice in lower Delaware 

Pamela tan Wolper 

H \ Franklin <f Marshall College, 2(x>2. fit<>loi;\ a Behavior 

\l s ( 'hestnut Hill College, 2(H>4. Counseling Psychology 

\l I La Salle University, 2<KX>. Clinical Psychology 

Pamela Wolper is currently completing her clinical internship at The Descreus. Foundation Kanner (.enter There she pros ides 

empirically supported treatments to individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders as well as disruptise behavior disorders 
Specifically, she is using principles oi Applied Behavior Analysis in ha work with individuals on the \utism Spectrum Through her 

work at Desereuv she has focused on treating individuals with severe behas loral challenges Pamela's rese arch interests include 
examining emotion regulation abilities in child and adolescent populations as well as individuals with intellectual and deselopmcntal 
disabilities Pamela's clinical dissertation, chaired bs Dr Prank Gardner, entitled 'Pmolion Regulation Strategies as Predictors ot Self 
Esteem in Children' was successfully defended in Oclobei and is being prepared lor submission for publication She has also 
presented her research at numerous psychological Conferences Following internship. Pamela plans to continue working with children 
and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Dean 


Elizabeth Abraham, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2007, Nursing 

Lija P. Abraham. B.S.N.. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, 1996, Nursing 

Susan Alexander. B.S.N., College of Nursing, India, 1993, Nursing 

Denise Nagle Bailey. B.S.N., Widener College. 1976, Nursing, M.Ed., Widener University, 1998, Education, Ed.D., Widener University, 

2006, Higher Education Leadership 
Kiristin Bre Barber, B.S.N.. Bradley University, 2004. Nursing 
Reem Ann Bivin, B.S.N.. Mahatma Gandhi University, 2000, Nursing 

Anne J. Boucard, AS.S., Union County College. 1992. Computer Science, B.S.N., Elmira College. 1997. Nursing 
Christine Mary Bradley. B.S.N. , La Salle University, 2004, Nursing 
Mary A. Brennan, B.S.N., Immaculata University, 2005, Nursing 
Joy P. Camarillo. B.S.N., Saint Louis University. 1987, Nursing 

Nicole Marie Campbell, B.A.. Columbia University. 2003. Neuroscience and Behavior, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2005, Nursing 
Daria Kane Canale, B.S.N., Temple University. 1997, Nursing 

Luca R. Cella, B.S., Temple University, 1982, Physical Education and Health, B.S.N., Thomas Jefferson University, 1987, Nursing 
Ronald Ringor Convento. B.S.N. . Bloomsburg University, 2001, Nursing 
Randall Allen Crownover, B.S.N., University of Delaware. 2006, Nursing 
Tanneil L. Davis. B.S.N., University of Pittsburgh, 2004, Nursing 
Amy Marie Dougherty. B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2006, Nursing 
Jacqueline A. Fellenz, B.S.N. . La Salle University, 1988, Nursing 
Eileen M. Gallagher. B.S., West Chester University, 1983, Criminal Justice 
Stacey Lynn Godman, B.S.N. , La Salle University, 2003, Nursing 
Rachel Gold. Diploma in Nursing, Abington School of Nursing, 2005, Nursing 
Annamarie Rose Bodkin Gresko. B.S.N.. Bloomsburg University, 1987, Nursing 
Cynthia L. Grosik, B.S.N., Immaculata University. 2006, Nursing 
Matthew Philip Guarno, B.S.N., La Salle University, 1998, Nursing 

Jennifer Kathleen Hahn, A.S.N. , Gwynedd Mercy College. 1999. Nursing. B.S.N.. Gwynedd Mercy College, 2001, Nursing 
Saundra Elise Hyman, B.S.N. , La Salle University, 2005 Nursing 
Candace C. Jennings, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 
Cheryl A Keenan, B.S.N. La Salle University. 2006, Nursing 
Angelique Kelso, B.S.N. . Gwynedd-Mercy College. 2005. Nursing 
William John Kenney III, B. S., Juanita College, 2004, Biology 
Virginia Dolores Krause. B.S.N. . La Salle University. 2003. Nursing 

Christy L. Kroboth, A.D.N. , Prince Georges Community College, 1998, Nursing, B.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2004, Nursing 
Mary Lou Kurilla. B.S.N.. Immaculata University. 2006. Nursing 

Alfa Simone Lafleur. B.A., Curry College, 2001, Psychology, B.S.N., Curry College, 2005, Nursing 
Leilani R. Lavin, B.S.N. Temple University, 2002, Nursing 
Alicia M. MacLennan, B.S.N., Immaculata University, 2003, Nursing 
Josephine Malgapo-Trinh. B.S.N., Temple University, 1995, Nursing 
Chalise L. Mason, B.S.N., Delaware State University, 2001, Nursing 
Tasha Lynn McCaskill-Long, B.S.N.. Temple University, 2002, Nursing 
Linda McCuen. B.S., Temple University, 2000, Nursing 
Maureen Erwin McNamara, B.S.N.. Temple University. 2005. Nursing 
Kristine M. Meagher, B.S.N., Neumann College, 1997, Nursing 
Elizabeth Minges Medina. B.S.N.. Temple University. 1988. Nursing 

Sara Kathryn Metzger, B.S., St. Joseph's University, 2000, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, B.S.N. , Drexel University, 2003, Nursing 
Anita M. Miller, B.S.N.. La Salle University, 2001, Nursing 
Michele Mobley, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2005, Nursing 
Kimberly Molinari, B.S.N. , Widener University, 1997, Nursing 

Lynne A. Mulligan, Diploma in Nursing, Episcopal Hospital School of Nursing, 1995, B.S.N. . Immaculata University, 1999, Nursing 
Kamini H. Patel. B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 2003, Health Policy Administration, B.S.N. , Villanova University. 2005. Nursing 
Pinki Patel. B.S.N.. La Salle University, 2003, Nursing 
Cyndi H. Phung, B.S.N., California State University, 1999, Nursing 
Megan Lynn Rafferty, B.S.N.. La Salle University, 2004, Nursing 
Catherine Claire Razzi, B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson University, 1988, Nursing 
Charmaine C. Robinson, B.S.N., Widener University, 2002, Nursing 
Anna N. Salapong, B.S.N., La Salle University, 1998, Nursing 
John L. Scarpitti. B.S.N. . La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 



Valerie Joyce Schimpt. B S X Catholic Lnnersiry. 2003. Nursing 
Grace Kensil Scotto. BSX.. Holy Family College. 1995. Xursing 
Lli/.abeth M Shortell. BSX Mount Saint Mary College. 1989, Nursing 
Anna Grasela Stanis/euski. B.S V. La Salle University, ZOOS, Nursing 
Mario A. Thomas, BSX. The Pennsylvania State University. 2003. Xursing 
Christopher P Villamayor. BS.X . G^ynedd-Mercy College. 2002, Nursing 
Kalhryn Joanna Welsh, BS.X . La Salle University, 2005, Xursing 
Nicole C. Wilson. BSX.. La Salle University, 2005, Xursing 
Gregory James Wuchier, BS.X.. Cedar Crest College. 1998. Xursing 


Dayna Leigh Alla\ena. B S . Kutztown University oj Pennsylvania, 2004, Speet h Language Pathology 

Stephanie Renee" Archer. B S . Ohio State University, 2001, Human Ecology 

Robin Lynn Baker. B.S., James Madison University 2006. Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Michelle S Benigni, B A Arcadia University 2005, Print Communications 

Sarah Joy Brassard, B S . Andre* sir.. Language Pathology andAudiology 

Lli/abeth Buongiomo. BS., Im Salle Unft Language-Hearing Scient <• 

Anna Maria Calabre-.e. B S Bloomsburg I niversity ot Pennsylvania, 2(>os. Audiology and Speech Pathology 

Jilhan Marie Carmen. BA University Psychology and Linguistics 

Regma Carr. B S.. Im Salle University 200V. Speech-Language-Hearing Science 

Benjamin Carroll. B A . Temple I nivt rsity 2008, Communication Sennits and Disorders 

Lmdsey McDowell Clark. BA . I niversity Oj Pittsburgh. 2008, Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Ah' Cogan, B.S., The Pennsylvania Statt ■ mmunication Sciences and Disorders 

Hnn Rochelle Coleman. B s Millersville I ruversity 2004, English. Secondary Education 
Sarah Ann Coles, B.S h-., Richard Stockton CoUei 07, Speech Pathology and Audiology 

Christina Connelly, B s La Salle I 'niversity 2<nrV Speet h-Language-Hearing St ience 

i Deilnii. H \ Tm Pennsylvania State I ruversity 2008, Communication Sciences and Disorders 
( Mae de Leon, H S l+- Salle I ruversity 2008, Speech-Language-Hearing St lent < 
Christine Jo) Delo, B s Tht Pennsylvania State I niversity 2008, Communication s< rent es and Disorders 
Cditlin Elizabeth Garvey, H s Tht p, nnsytvania Statt l niversity 2008, Communit ation St tent es and Disorders 
Linn s Halter BA., Rowan University Education 

Mackenzie 1 Hunt B s 1*1 \all, l niversity 2ihn. Speech Language Hearing s, lent <■ 
Amanda lacono, i> •■ Utware, 2008, Psychology 

Mihalia N k.dik.iv BA., ( niversity of Delaware, 2<h>4. Psychology 
Ashk) \m> Keatee, B S /-" Salle l niversity 2009, Speech-Language Hearing Science 
Kale Kan Kohls, H S 1^ Sail* 1 niversity 2009 Speech Languagt Hearing Science 
I.11 Patrice I ink- Hall, BA St John s l niversity 2006, Speech Language Pathology a Audiology 
I i.nk- I Met arroll /< S i.< Salle 1 niversity 2<hn Speech Language Hearing s, ienct 
Niuiico Dee, B s La sail, I niversity 2007, Speech Languagt Hearing St lent , 
DeoJse Renee PoUey, H 5 East Carolina i niversity 2007, Speech and Hearing Sciences 
Roberto Molina Poms. Bacht dad del Rosario, Colombia SA. 1996. Speech Therapy Mat 

I niversidad del Rosario, ( olombia, SA 1999, Health System Administration 
leannette I ki//n. a \ Bloomsburg 1 'niversity oj Pennsylvania, 2008, Speet h Language Pathology and Audi 

■ hellc Schlottfeld, B s h, Salle University 2009, Speech Languagt Hearing St 
[alia Schwam BA University of Delawan 2008, Psychology 

Stephanie I lizabedi rhompaoti /' \ Wt ^/ ( Hester 1 niversity 2008, ( ommunlt i/m. Disorders 
[arynJUl rrachtenberg /< I Georgt Washington University 2007 Speech-Htarii 
Nicole Marie Voigt /< s St foseph's University 2000 Sociology \i.S St roseph's University 200i l 
Jennifer Ashley Weissman /' \ University of Maryland 2008 Hearing and Spot 
Stephank Elizabeth Weckeaaa n 5 La Salle University :<"■ 
Kimberl) Renee 1 Wilson n S LaSallt 1 ■ 
Nicole Woods Warriner, n 5 The Richard Stockton 1 

Rachael Elizabeth Wylle n\id Bridgewatei Stau College 2008 Communication Disi 
Lindsay Michelle Yeaga h s La Salle University 2008, Speech-Languc 

Paul R. Brazina, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.M.A., Dean 


Rany Rachana Aing, B.A.. Temple University. 2006. International Business 

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Kevin Thomas Johnson, BA. University of Pittsburgh, 2004, Economics/Philosophy 

Sandra Berrie Jules, li s H \ hi Salic l nm isits. 2007, Ac i ounting, U s l nivt rsity oj Virginia 2008, \< i ounnng 
James William Jurgens, Jr , B.S . Drexel I niversity. 2002. Marketing 
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Mann., Klichinak) B I H.ds Family College, 2000, Psychology 
Ah O/.in Koseoglu, H A inadolu University, 2007, Business Administration 
Aurora Kripa, H \ temple University, 2005, Psychology/Italian 

I in. I eigh Kuhii H s University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2004, Mathematical Decision & iences Economk s 
Vih K....M s )ddi. Technical University, 2006, Electrical Engineering 
Michelle I l^nyilotta, n \ Ly oming ( ollege, 2007, Business Administration 
Mrienne Nicole Larmett, H \ Temple University, 2004 Political s,i,n,, 
Michael D Lauwers, 0.S., West Chester University, 2000, Marketing 
I - ■ n \ Kendall ( ollege, 2008, Hospitality Management 
( atherine I lise l eggett /' S WUersvilU University, 2008, Marketing 
David J Levin, BA Slate University of New York Binghamton 2005 Economics 
Allison Elizabeth Levitt. B \ Moravian College, 2004 Economics 
Umber!) Margaret Libert) /' I The Pennsylvania State University 2006, History 
Keiths Uston.A£ \ TempU University, 2003 Ftnana 
Kyle Matthew Luke B.S.B.A., La Salle University " rkering 

tathon) Edward Machamet /< \ LaSalL University - , ""' Commitntcation 
Carol tnnMabone) an \ Temple University 2006, Human Resout 
Ramin Emmanuel Majd. BA Columbia University 1996, Political Sc 
Danielle I lizabeth Mallzia n 5 SI loseph i i niversity :<*»> Marketing 
I hsaivih l Mm Mayer, /< S />' I !<• Salle I niversity 2008 Marketing 
r\nne Jennings Mayne />' i Tm Pennsylvania Slate University 2004 Economies 
AJlysonS Met ann B.S,, Kit ■ nana 

Charles Euuman McCarthy. B.5 University of Ghana .'"". , /<•■•/,. o 
Gregory Robert McDonald B tss \dmlnistratkm 

lohnJ McPaddenlll />' s On • Business Kamlnlstrutkm 

William Joseph McOeeney, BA Wist Virginia University 2003 Politics 
lohn it McOill li B S >■ mp tUi 
William McGowan, B 5 Kut town Ui 
Melisa Lynn McKclve) B.S Millersville University 199} 
Vlexander McKinney, B.S.B \ La Salle Universit 



Joseph Patrick Meier. B.A., McDaniel College, 2004, Business Administration 

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Computer Engineering 
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Technology, 2001, Management 
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M.S. Ufa State Aviation Technical University 2006. Economics/Management 
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Robert Philip Weaverling, B.S B A . hi Sail,- t 'ntversity 1988, \< i ounting/Management 
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John Prancu Weiss III. B.S . MillersviUe I 'niversity 1998, Business Administration 
Thomai Martin White, It s Ruler University 1997, Business Administration 
Leon Wilkuu II. B A . Rutgers, The state University of \< m omit i 

I aShonda Nichol Wilson, it \ t 'ntversity <>l Delaware, 2005, International Relations 
Rudina Asllani Xhema, B.S., I ntversity of Tirana, 1991, Economu i 
SherU w Ybussef, It S< Zagazig University Egypt, 1978 Mechanical Engineering 
Dorota Zawila, it s a \ , La Salle I ntversity 2002, Marketing 
Julie Zriten Prederick, H s ///<• Pennsylvania State University 1982, Management 
Jerei.i) B /lerk-i. H li \ Pat , l niversity 2'x>4 l , onomit s 
( hnsiiiui R Zimmerman, B s IK xi ( h< ■ w. i I nivei tity 2005, Biology 
Stephen David Zirinfl B S ft Joseph's I niversity 2ixtr, Decision and System Scienct i 

SCHOOL OF orrs UTOSI iences 
Thomas \. Kcagy ( I'h.l)., Dean 


Kenneth < Pucanan, b\ Thomas Edison State Collep 1999. Psychology 

Jason Golla B S / University of Pennsylvania 2000 Com 

Michael P Kildea, i< I Ridei I ntversity 1996 History 

lulieH Riganati, B.S.B\A \uourn University 1986 \ccounting 

Brant Setvedt Stem, BA Shippensburg University 

Phong Dang lu it's V#x lersey Institute of Technology 2005 Computer InJ 

Oroai i) Zambrana, \i n \ i. 


Andrew tngelucd ws La Salle University 2006, Computer Injormatiot 
William tnthon) FennellB \ TempU i niversity 
i.iins D i reedman, B *> Lock Havt n ' nivt m 
Mia Gerzon, B.5 Temple University 2004 Informa 
lulls Malinln, B S TempU I niversity 


Christopher Pompeo. IIS.. La Salle University. 2006. Integrated Science, Business, and Technology 
Yana Rouse. 6.5.. Temple University, 2003, Elementary Education 

Selcuk Seymen. 6.5., Dogus University (Istanbul. Turkey), 2006. Computer Engineering 
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Andrea Carolina Moreno Acosta. B.A., Bucknell University, 2004, Political Sciences/English 

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Denise H. Ajiri, B.A.. Tehran University, Iran. 2004. Social Sciences 

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Mantha Balourdou. B.S.. City University, 2006, Business Administration 

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Jennifer Colletta, B.A., La Salle University, 2007, Communication/English 

Eric Colon, B.A., Temple University. 2001, English 

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Vivian G. Denkins-Daniels. B.A.. North Carolina State University, 1986, Humanities/Social Sciences 

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Joseph C. Doyle III, B.A., La Salle University. 1999. Communication 

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Ivan Milan Gelevski, B.A., St. Cyril & Methodius University, Macedonia, 2008, Political Science 

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Jana Hypsova. B.A./M.A., University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1999, Commercial Engineering 

Maura Kelly Koehler. B.A., La Salle University, 2004, Communication 

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Brunilda Kuta, B.A., Empire State College, 2008, International Relations 

Jana Lang. B.A., Middlesex University, London, 2008, Graphic Design 

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Tamara Martinez, B.A., Rider University, 2003, Communication 

Diana Minaroviechova, 6.5., University of Northern Virginia, 2008. Business Administration 

Marija Mutic-Gluhovic, B.A.. University of Stuttgart, 2008, German/English Literature 

Annemarie Nagle. 6.5., Philadelphia University, 2006 Marketing 

Jana Navratilova. B.A.. University of Economics in Prague, 2008, Economics/Management 

Brittney C. Nichols. 6.5, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 2007, Speech Communication 

Christina Emily Notarfrancesco-Heil, B.A.. Holy Family College, 2004, Psychology 

Michaela Novakova. B.A.. University of New York in Prague, 2007, Mass Media/ Communication 

Cynthia Alejandra Hernandez Pardo. B.A.. Universidad La Salle, Mexico, 2007. International Trade and Business 

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Matthew A. Ragan, B.A., Kutztown University, 1995, Speech Communication 

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Tal M. Roth. B.A.. Temple University, 2004, Political Science 

Denise C. Saurennann. B.A., West Chester University, 2003, Communication/Journalism 

Sharon Lynn Seltzer. B.A.. Holy Family University. 2007. Communication 

Alexandra Sileo, B.A., Rider University, 1988, Broadcast Communication 

Jennifer Kathleen McGowan Smith. B.A., Temple University, 1996, Journalism 

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Shereeta N. Stroud. B.A., Alvernia College, 2006, Criminal Justice 

David Lawrence Tractenberg. 6.5. Boston University, 2006. Mass Communication 

Filip Urbanek, B.A.. University of New York In Prague, 2008, Psychology 

Irena Valentova. B.A.. New York University in Prague, 2007, Mass Media /Communication 

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Alena Vopalkova, B.A., Anglo-American College, 2002, Politics/Society 

Tenile Tashi Williams. 6.5, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003, Business Administration/Management & Marketing 

Alena Ziegelbauerova, B.Sc, Empire State College, 2007. Business Administration 


Angela J. Dembiczak. B.A.. Costal Carolina University, 2007, History. MA . College of Charleston and the Citadel. 2009. History 
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Laurance Jacobius Guido, Jr.. 5/4. , Columbia University. 2000. English. MA . Columbia University!, 2001. International Affairs/Law 

and Public Policy 
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Lutheran Seminary. Philadelphia. 19X5. Theology 
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George k Nied/wicki, US. Providence College. 1978, Accounting, MBA. Bryant University, 1983, Accounting 
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Daniel Timothy Sills. B.A . Millersville University, 2007. Government and Political Affairs 
Jessica A Smith. BA., The Pennsylvania State I niversity, 2005, Corporate Communications 
David Kevin YeanvOOd, BA., La Salle University 2009, Criminal Justice 


Megan Elizabeth Brault, B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 2006, Psychology 

Stephanie Jaye Catella, B A . Temple I 'niversity, 2005, Geography/l 'rban Studies 

Jessica Amelia-Marie Collins, BA . Loyola College. 2005, Psychology MA. Drexel I niversity, 2008, Psychology 

Jennifer Mane Del Mauro, BA . vWanova University, 2(H)". Psychology 

Trace> Booth Dohson. B.A .. University of Delaware, 2(H)". Psychology 

John Donahue, BA., Rutgers University. 200.1, Pssihology/Administration of Justice 

Kendra Louise EUway, BA., Rutgers University, 2008, Psychology 

Julie Keil Garson, BA I 'niversity ol Pennsslvantu. 2iH)5. Psy< hology 

Lauren Campbell Gent, H \ ,SUNYl niversity at Buffalo, 2003, Psychology, MA..SUNYI niversity at Buffalo. 2005, Pa 

LaSnondal Greene-Burley, B.S., Rutgers I 'niversity, 2007, Marketing, M.BA La Salle ( niversity, 2004, Fine 

Rachel Sabrina Labaton, BA West Virginia I niversity, 2(H)". Psychology 

Jessica Lynn Norman, BA . James Madison ( m\er\it\. 2(H)5, Psychology. MS Philadelphia I 

Clink al Health Psychology 
victoria Popick, HA Rutgers t 'niversity, 2007, Psychology 
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ll.iiis ( .hi kmanuck l< \ ( hestnuiHim ollegt 2007 Human Services 
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knsienl Campbell B.S.. Untverslryef Pittsburgh 2006 Psy 
kngela \i.iiie t mi ,B s si loseph's University 2007, Psychology 
lohn k t oak /' I Queens < 
Benjamin Neal Daniels, B \ University of Rochestei 
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Kens Blah Donovan, B.R.I Bt 


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Caroline Keith Shuman, BA VWenova University ■• s 

liuioiin losepn /( \ LaSalL History 

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I lizabeth vh Staan) /•' \ La So/a ' • 

Michael lohnWerynski B i H 


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Education Leadership 
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Rejo Abraham 

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1 .1 1. in;. .1 JamUliah Butcha 

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I .11.1 I IsllCI ( lollsc 

Isaac AJoisbie Codjoe 
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Lesline \ ( ospito 
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i .ii. -11111.11.1 Dime 
Sail) tanc DiHon 
t .mini Marie Douavd 
Zulma i I 

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t h.iik-s Nganga Kariuki 

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vicn. i Kolea 

l Imi.i.Ic i' Korimodel 

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t mi I i/.iivih Kn 

veronica I wuraaba Maanan Kwekn 

lennifet I liiabetl I 

Knstin Al> - 

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P; \ I 

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Uexandei J Christenson 
\iex \i ( lark 
Jessica Michele (lark 
lames Kahremania (lose 
Man. us Coles 
Brian m < oncannon 

Nicole Mane Conkhn 

Roben i < ••inn ii 
Mi< hael tustin < raven 
Christophei a ( rawford 

i /mi hi ( rot ken 

Xnli'iull.i ( in i- 

Patrick ( unu 
Hannah ( onstance Dad 

John Augustine DiBaCCO 

John r DiPompeo, )i 
l >i .inn. i M DiSeveria 
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Kore) i i dwards 
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Florjan Furxhiu 
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I. ins a Gon/. ile/ [ones 

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Dana I Guenina 

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Ronald Hensor 

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Nicholas Kenneth 
Kim I Home 

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Joseph I I.UIIIU//I III 

1 i n.i Ibrahim 

Stephen (iei.ud Janoson 

Ashton I ee M Johnson 

I rica< Johnson 

Ryan p Johnson 
Angelica I Jones 

d.inv Junes. Ji 

Kevin I ee Jones 
rhomai m lord 


Jill ( amend Keenan 
Nicholai i • 

liiv.ui K Kellelici 

Shevonne Rafale) KeUa 

\u, R Kell) 

Ki-\ m Michael Kenned) 
Kanitha Keo Kih. in 
Vonj S Kim 
t hriato p h a w Kimtii 

Brian Robert Lanning 
Tara Marie Lapetina 

Paul Joseph LaPolla 
Ruthie Levison 
Janme Elyse Liebel 
Jerone H Mack 

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Conor John Mahone> 
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Michael J Murph) 

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Brian J Myen 

Matthew V 

\ ut Haj N 

Sean Joseph Nolet 
Jennilei \ii' 

Orlando I Okebafa 

Nunc- Olszewski 
J. .-In... M 

Domink tatbon) oten 



Anthony Pasquale Pinghera 
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Dana Reis 

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Francisco A. Sarmiento 
Dorothy Schalleur 

Adam J. Schleicher 
Wesley E. Schneider 
Christian Blake Schulz 
Matthew William Seybold 
Arjola Shperdheja 
Alison Siegfried 
Daniel Smith 
Timothy R. Snyder 
Andrew Solimeo 
Isaias Demetrio Sostre 
Kailey Elizabeth Spadafora 
Michael Edward Stan- 
Rachel Lynne Stemper 
Venetia L. Streets 
David Andrew Sullivan 
Clifford Clinton Sumpter 
Kellie E. Surdi 
Adam Sutkus 
Michelle A. Szmyt 
Ryan Edward Tadley 
Harry L. Tapia 
James L. Thomas, Jr. 
Tyler Michael Thomas 
Frank Joseph Tischner 
James Higgins Tobin 
Vincent Joseph Travea 

Elaina A. Trocki 
Steven J. Turco 
Kevin Paul Urban 
Carlos Manuel Vazquez, Jr. 
Erica Caitlin Vile 
Joseph Aubrey Vincent 
Matthew Alexander Vincent 
Susan A. Vinchiarello 
Jessica E. Viscuso 
Alexei Volosevich 
Brian Long Vy 
Joshua Lee Wahl 
Jamie Lynn Walsh 
Thomas L. Whelan 
Joshua A. Wiggins 
Andrea Louise Wilkerson 
Caitlin Joan Williams 
Jamea S. Wilson 
Tynehl S. Wilson 
Earle Bruce Worley 
Darcelle O. Wynn 
Jesse Thomas Yanni 
Ryan F. Yarcia 
Nasir A. Yard 
Vincent Zappulla, Jr. 
Christina M. Zeigler 

Linnette Veronica Black-Malone 
Abiola Veronica Burke 
Jessica Corey 
Elizabeth Ann Costello 
Valerie Darby 
Sonja Dobbins-Gillis 
Barbara Ann Dorsey 
Marie Lose Edma 

Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D., Dean 


Julia L. Hartman 
Erimar Hernandez 
Carla Lucille Johnson 
Esther Kraycik 
Jamie L. Krestar 
Rachel Marie LaPorte 
Celeste D. Lewis 
Julia Alejandra McDougall 

Kristin Michelle Moss 
SaraGrace Odeh 
Adriana E. Padilla 
Eileen Antoinette Pitt 
Tamika Purvis 
Luisa N. Ramirez 
Letitia Larue Savage 
Joyce Muse Wilkerson 

Jillian Krystle Adlam 
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Constance K. Caesar 
Caitlin Heather Conk 
Kelly A. Conklin 
William Paul Cricks 
Eugene J. Curran 
Richard Earl Davis 
Andrea Lynne DiMaio 
Michael J. Elsenbeck, Jr. 
Brittany Elisabeth Gentile 
Vernon A. Goodridge 
Tri Minh Huynh 


Sarah Nicole Jancuska 

Andrew Robert Jones 

Steven A. Kilpatrick 

Steven Joseph LaMonte 

Kimberly Lazar 

Matthew Brian Levit 

Gina H. Massaro 

Phillip E. Mauras 

Danielle P. McCarthy 

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Adam G Bender 
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Brian Michael Brown 
Kevin J Brown 
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Michael L. Crouse 
Caitlin Siobhan Cunningham 
Leah Cunninghana 
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GiovannaA Datiilo 

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Jamie Lynn l)a\ies 

Jared A Davis 

JUlian Michelle I)a\is 

Amanda Jane De Santis 

Justine Nicole DelGandio 

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Brittan) Dempee) 
Irene Dip 
Dana Rae DiScala 

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Rebecca I ynn Dobrzynski 
Alicia Renee Dodd 
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Annaliese Marie D'Orazk) 
Kellej I lizabeth Doughert) 
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(Catherine Rose Drapcho 
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raj Mkkel Duffie 
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Quinn t atherine I ogled 
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Kimberl) Jeanne I aulk 

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Robert Ivan i lerra 
David Nicholas I 1Kb 


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Hale) Ann Proshour 
Rebecca Lynn Furrer 
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Manane I) Ciabros 
Jilhan Garcia 
Joseph M Gauger 
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Mark ZygmODl Glinski 
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Amanda I) Gouts 
Christopher Nicholas Coins 
Erica Shapiro Goldman 

D'yani Nicole Gordon 

Matthew James Gordon 

Joshua (iould 

Jalessa Jonelle Graham 

Michaela I Gramiak 

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l/ell M Green 
Shanice D Green 

lorn Grice 
Andrea \ GrifSn R 
Marceila Gringeri 

(Crista Gross 

Jennifer Jane Gwiszcz 

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IreVOI Hams 
Daniel J Hailison 
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Lynette G. Ingram 

James Francis Irwin 

Alexander Paul O'Donnell Isaacs 

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Samantha Jones 

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Luz Elena Lopez Roa 

Dana Lopez-Spiller 

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Jonathan Jason Mayo 

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Jennifer Ella McShane 

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Stephen J. Muscelli 

Robin Kathleen Braciszewski Naimoli 

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Pooja Patel 

Melissa Paterson 

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Laura Pozotrigo 

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C'avlecn Sluski 
Cary E. Summers, Jr. 
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Joseph Y. Ugras, Ph.D.. Dean 


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|i>m ph N. I ur .in. I'll. I).. Dran 
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Barbara Hill ( isst 
Iota* Koatek 
Norman B I aBell 

ludithP M 
Shawn Ryan 

. Votes/ on . Icacfe/ruc Q)re&& 

The history of academic dress begins in the early days of the oldest universities. A statute of 1321 required all "Doctors, Licentiates, and 
Bachelors" of the University of Coimbra to wear gowns. In England during the second half of the 14th century, the statutes of certain 
colleges forbade "excess in apparel" and prescribed the wearing of a long gown. It is still a question whether academic dress finds its 
sources chiefly in ecclesiastical or in civilian dress. Gowns may have been considered necessary for warmth in the unheated buildings used 
by medieval scholars. Hoods may have served to cover the tonsured head until superseded for that purpose by the skullcap. The cap was 
later displaced by a headdress similar to ones now recognized as "academic." European institutions continue to show great diversity in their 
specifications of academic dress. However, when American colleges and universities adopted a system of academic apparel a half- 
century ago. a code was devised for all to follow. 

Gowns — The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves and is worn closed. The gown for the master's degree has an oblong sleeve, 
open at the wrist, with the sleeve base hanging down in the traditional manner. The rear part of the sleeve's oblong shape is square cut and 
the front part has an arc cut away. It may be worn open or closed. The gown for the doctor's degree has bell-shaped sleeves and may be 
worn open or closed. Bachelor's and master's gowns have no trimmings, but the doctor's may be faced on the front with black or colored 
velvet and with three bars of the same across the sleeves. If color is used, it is the color distinctive of the subject to which the degree pertains, 
and it matches the edging or binding of the hood. 

Hoods — Hoods are lined with the official color or colors of the college or university conferring the degree. The binding or edging of the 
hood is the color indicative of the subject to which the degree pertains, except that the doctor's cap may have its tassel of gold thread. 

Caps — Mortarboards are generally worn as part of the academic costume. The long tassel fastened to the middle point of the cap's top is 
either black or the color appropriate to the subject. It is customary for degree candidates to wear the tassels on the right front side before 
degrees are conferred and to shift them to the left when the degrees are awarded. This custom is in some respects a substitute for individual 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctors' gowns, edgin 
different subjects are as follows: 

> of hoods, and tassels of caps, the colors associated with the 

Agriculture - Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities - White 

Commerce, Accountancy, 

Business - Drab 

Dentistry - Lilac 

Economics - Copper 

Education - Light Blue 

Engineering - Orange 

Fine Arts - Brown 

Forestry - Russet 

Journalism - Crimson 

Law - Purple 

Library Science - Lemon 

Medicine - Green 

Music - Pink 

Nursing - Apricot 

Oratory (Speech) - Silver Gray 

Pharmacy - Olive Green 

Philosophy - Dark Blue 

Physical Education - Sage Green 

Public Administration - Peacock Blue 

Public Health - Salmon Pink 

Science - Golden Yellow 

Social Work - Citron 

Theology - Scarlet 

Veterinary Science - Gray 

Adapted from "An Academic Costume Code and Ceremony Guide," American Universities and Colleges (Washington. D.C.: American 
Council on Education, 1959)